It’s summer and I’m going to scale back the comics-making to focus on some other work. Will still update, just slower than before. Hope you understand!



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Hi readers,
I have been writing and illustrating a graphic novel called Pink Matter for the past two years and am finally ready to show my work. Here is a cheesy synopsis you might find on the backside of a book:
Pink Matter is the story of Ira Irving and Ira’s return to her motherland of Polo – a small (fictitious) island in the Pacific Ocean. Ira is the last living Poloan on Earth after her ancestors were murdered by sea-monsters when she was just a baby. Ira also deals with a peculiar case of epilepsy that, upon moving back to Polo, begins to reveal unforeseen symptoms. Ira has always been more attuned with her senses than your average person, but recently Ira has unlocked the ability to heighten one of her five senses at the expense of shutting down the other four. With this gift, Ira begins learning more about her people, her family and her home – subjects she has spent her whole life actively avoiding. However, despite putting so much faith in her remarkable senses, there are still some secrets Ira is unwilling to believe.
Pink Matter is updated Tuesdays and Thursdays. I hope you like what you see. Send all questions and comments to